natashacakes (natashacakes) wrote in lovealways_ana,

theres still hope.... its never gone.

We diet. We starve. We binge. We break. We die.

Is that want you want for the rest of your life.....?

HOW many months ago did you tell yourself THAT was the day? the day where you were going to change EVERYTHING.. how many times did you repeat those days... how many times have you tried...? weeks? months? years?

Years for me. YEARS.

I'm still a fat ass. still a fucking pig.

Tomorrow is Monday... the beg of the week. I am starting a 10 day fast... yes i have never went past day 3 BUT i have more control then ever right now. EVER.

I know.. we all know we've all said that again but I feel like i seriously can this time. I might be able to lose 20 pounds..!! :D

If i really try.... really really try(:

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